With the famous Swedish publishing house Natur & Kultur, and as part of my exchange in Konstfack, we worked on the cover of Ben Lerner’s book «På väg från Atocha». Published in 2011, the book describes the experience of a young American poet in Madrid during the terrorist attacks of 2004. While he is supposed to study the role of literature in the Spanish Civil War, the narrator spends most of his time under the influence of hallucinatory drugs, observing his surroundings whose language he does not understand. The book explores the issue of distance, language & relationships.

To evoke these themes, I translated the book’s title into 35 different languages and typographies. The overlapping titles recall the geography of a city but also the multiple encounters offered by living abroad. Printed on plastic, the rubbing of the plastic cover on the book recalls the optical illusions caused by the drugs used by the author.